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Quantum Tower

Luxurious LEED Gold certified Quantum Tower condo residence demanded a high-end designer touch to make it a contemporary space suited for its owner sophisticated taste. Green features of the building were expected to be incorporated into interior décor as well. The Toronto interior design firm tulip design was hired to deliver on that challenge.

Open concept planning creates an airy and spacious look and allows for an unobstructed traffic flow. Different zone are defined by furniture groupings and accessories. Breath taking lake views remain open and can be enjoyed from any corner of the residence.

Color and art played the major role in developing the design concept. A color scheme of cool blues, earthy oranges, natural browns and creamy whites creates a relaxing feel. Paintings and sculptures from local artists were commissioned to create focal points and subtly divide the space.

Use of natural materials, zero-VOC paints and plants contributed to the development of a healthy and comfortable living environment. Comprehensive lighting design, which had to overcome constraints inherent to the concrete condo building, included the creation of a ceiling piece in the dining area and illumination of art objects.

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